Inventors Network Represented at Invention-Con 2017 and Patent Reform Rally

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Realizing the current state of patent law and the adverse effects our members and associates are experiencing, the Inventors Network board decided to send a club representative to Washington DC this past weekend to attend a USPTO event for inventors and participate in the US Inventor patent rally held in front of Patent and Trademark office.

Inventors Network President Steve Lyon attended the two day Invention-Con 2017 which included dozens of speakers, panelists and seminars covering subjects ranging from trademark, copyright, patent law and how to monetize your intellectual property.  Steve felt it was an excellent event that anyone serious about inventing would benefit from.  USPTO is currently looking into making this an annual event and once the next one is announced we will be sure to let our members know.  At our August club meeting, Steve delivered a full report to our members (see below, for some helpful attachments from that presentation that should allow you to learn much of what Steve learned)  Additionally, we have had contacts with several national level speakers who were at the event and they all seem interested in speaking to our club.  More on that will be shared as the 2018 speaking schedule develops.
Also taking place over the lunch hour the Friday of Invention-Con was the rally for patent reform.  The rally was led by USInventor Founder and President, Paul Morinville, whose statement below says best why Inventors Network and the UIA associated clubs are involved in advocacy on this issue.
"The United States Patent System is in critical condition. The last decade of court decisions, legislation, and management have left inventors without any real protection for their inventions. Many inventors are being denied patents, others are having their granted patents invalidated by the PTAB, and still others are caught in never-ending multi-million dollar legal battles against giant corporate infringers. We have been led to believe that if we followed the law and earned a patent signed and sealed by the Director of the USPTO that we would hold the exclusive rights to our inventions. But patents no longer work to stop infringers like they used to”
The rally did an amazing job of bringing the issue attention, in addition to several international press outlets covering the rally another result was several very helpful and immediate responses from very high levels of the USPTO.  One such response was a seminar and QA from the Chief PTAB judge was added to the schedule.  There is much more we need to do and we urge all of our members to learn more and to get involved in pursuing changes that return patent law to its historic innovation friendly state.  Ways to do this can be found at and  And please also feel free to contact; Direct dial-612-462-4642