UIA announces weekly Webinar Series- Participate each Thursday 1PM (CST)
Greetings from Warren Tuttle and the UIA. Hopefully each of you and your families are staying safe and healthy during these challenging times. Please remember, we are all in this together, so if there is anything we can do to help you, please let us know.

  The full UIA Board and Team (https://uiausa.org/board-members/ and https://uiausa.org/ambassadors/) got together from around the country by video conference this past week and agreed to dedicate some extra time during the lock down, when most of us are at home, to share topical educational material with all of your membership, as well as inventors at large. The 501c3 Non-Profit UIA will commence a ten (10) week series of one-hour webinars on our new UIA You Tube TV Channel beginning this week on Thursday, 1:00 p.m. Central. We will be following the below schedule through mid-June. We will kick off the series with a terrific topic: Social Media and PR with Andrea Pass and Brian Scanlon. UIA Board Member Carmine Denisco and I will together host each week's program and all the featured guests for the duration will be either UIA Board Members, Ambassadors or Team Members. It's time you get to know all of these amazing folks who dedicate more of their time and resources charitably to inventors than you may be aware! We decided to run these one-hour webinars for convenience during the day every Thursday, but will post them afterwards on our UIA website (www.uisusa.org) for future reference. There will be some great content to share with your members.

   Please help us get the word out to your members ASAP. Again the first of our series will kick off in only a few days, so we really appreciate the extra effort. We will be running the below posts on all social media platforms. Please feel free to share these posts also on yours. We will be holding these educational webinars every Thursday during the day, so not to conflict with any known local Inventor Club Meetings around the country.

1.) This Thursday, April 16th- THIS HAS PASSED, however note:  INVENTORS NETWORK MAY 20TH 6 PM, will be Brian and Andrea
Social Media and PR  Secrets: UIA Board Member Andrea Pass and UIA Ambassador Brian Scanlon 

2.) Thursday, April 23rd (1 p.m. CST): Inside Today's Toy Industry: UIA Board Member Matt Nuccio

3.) Thursday, April 30th (1 p.m. CST): Angel Financing and Fundraising: UIA Board Members Dara Trujillo and Kedma Ough

4.) Thursday, May 7th (1 p.m. CST): Virtual Hardware Show Pitch Panel: UIA Board Members Michael Miller and Scott Hynd, and UIA Ambassador Tom Gray

5.) Thursday, May 14th (1 p.m. CST: USPTO Inventor Resources and Initiatives: USPTO's Liz Dougherty and UIA Trade Show Director Cathie Kirik

6.) Thursday, May 21st (1 p.m. CST): Licensing: How to Find and Approach Good Companies: UIA Board Members Trevor Lambert and Russ Williams

7.) Thursday, May 28th (1 p.m. CST): Patents and Trademarks: UIA Board Members Jim Patterson and Andrea Hence Evans

8.) Thursday, June 4th (1 p.m. CST): Coaching Inventors: UIA Ambassadors David Fedewa and Jim DeBetta, and UIA Executive Director Brian Fried

 9.) Thursday, June 11th (1 p.m. CST): Crowd Funding: UIA Board Member Roy Morejon

 10.) Thursday, June 18th (1 p.m. CST): News from Washington DC and Capitol Hill: UIA Board Member Charlie Sauer

UIA President, Warren Tuttle