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Special Session with Marc Portney! (New Date)

Marc Portney and the 17 presenters have been rescheduled to November 20th. 

Marc Portney, American Entrepreneur, Investor and Business Advisor, will be in town November 20th for a special session and rare opportunity for local inventors.

Select members will be presenting their new product idea on stage to Marc and his team with the hope that they will want to license and produce it. 

Click here to learn more about this exciting session.

Inventors Network News
Members and guests for our October meeting will be given the opportunity to drill down into their particular interest areas and interact in a workshop setting.  The evening will still start with a session where we will identify the main differences between licensing an invention and forming a company to make and market it. 
The program will begin with a comparison of the two routes and what you should consider before deciding the best course.  Then our guests can participate in one of the offered round-table workshops.
Bunch of Balloons inventor Josh Malone was our speaker in November.  At that time we did a screening of the movie "Invalidated" that highlights his story.  This movie can also be viewed on Amazon Prime and Netflix.   Josh was just awarded 29 million in his patent infringement suit.  See link below for more information.
Go to this link to learn about Josh's organization, US Inventors, and to sign the Inventors Rights petition 
We appreciate you visiting and hope you enjoy the experience.  Whether you are already a member or just want to learn more about IN this is a great place to start.  
To learn more, please review the about us page along with speaker (both past and upcoming) information.  Please also note the time and location of our next meeting, which take place in the evening on the third Wednesday of each month.  
Attending a meeting(s) is by far the best way to learn more about IN and if we are a fit for you.  Our hope is you will find the speaker, program elements and the overall club / network experience to be a place where you can learn more about inventing, connect with others and learn some best practices for success. 

Upcoming Programs
Look for new inventors spotlight roundtables at our next meeting where individual inventors have the opportunity to share their inventions. Click here if you are interested in presenting your own. 
  • Oct 16: Roundtable Workshop
  • Nov 20: Present Your Invention On Stage to Marc Portney! (Full - Applications no longer accepted.)
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Inventors Connecting With Inventors

Typically third Wednesday of each month.
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Meetings are third Wednesday of each month starting at 6:00PM.
Inventor Resources
Writing & Filing a Provisional Patent Application
Learn how to write & file a provisional patent application (PPA) after you've completed your preliminary patent search. 
Sept 10 | 5:30-7:00 p.m.
Click here to see the current list of inventor resources. View the Events calendar here
Present Your Invention
"Light Wraps" shown previously at an IN meeting
Would you like to present your invention at our monthly meeting?  Every month we offer our members 5-minute slots for them to present their invention to the group anyway they see fit.  We do suggest your idea be patented or patent pending first and you have discussed this with an attorney.  For more details click here.
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