Next Meeting Tuesday February 17, 2015

Speaker – Robert Scott

Topic- “Embedded Systems- They are everywhere!”

Robert Scott

Robert Scott

Embedded systems are electronic circuits containing some form of intelligent processing, such as a microprocessor or a microcontroller.  Such circuits are part of everyday life.  They are obviously part of cellphones.  But they are also found in such diverse products as sewing machines, cameras, garage door openers, kitchen timers, dishwashers, microwave ovens, remote lighting controls and bicycle speedometers, just to name a few. Robert will present on how embedded systems can be used at a very early stage of new product development and for a relatively low cost, and why you might want to incorporate an embedded system in your product.

Roberts Bio:

Ham radio was Robert’s first introduction to electronics and engineering some 50 years ago.  While being  formally trained in mathematics and computer science, his explorations into electronics led him to work in designing embedded systems for a computer disk manufacturer.  In 1984 Robert went out on my own as a consultant. Most of his work was for the auto industry in Southeast Michigan, writing real-time software to control machines used in manufacturing.  In 1997 he began a hobby of developing piano tuning software for Windows laptops.  That piano tuning software, known as TuneLab, has since been ported to Pocket PCs, iPhones, iPads, and Android smartphones, and that hobby has become more than half of Robert’s current business.  In 2012 he moved his company to the Twin Cities, where he continues to develop TuneLab software for piano tuners and circuit boards and software for industrial applications.


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