Next Meeting Tuesday October 21 – Start-up Business Considerations

Do I need to create a business entity (LLC, C Corp…) if I am just an inventor looking to license my product/idea???
In today’s intellectual property environment, startups and individuals can make and retain substantially more profits if Pam_Ricker_CPA_and Bill_Berggrenthey consider intellectual property issues early in the business decision-making process.
At the October 21st Inventors’ Network meeting learn the legal and tax implications of creating a business entity and the liabilities of not creating a registered business.

• Keynote Speaker- Pam Ricker, CPA
Pam Ricker has dedicated herself to being a resource for small to mid-size businesses and individuals in need of accounting and tax services provided in an honest and reliable manner while adhering to a high level of ethics and integrity. She provides a high level of competent quality service with a proactive approach to help the business owner with his / her business, including essential planning for year-end taxes.
She takes an educational approach to accounting to help her clients understand their financial statements so they can use them as tools for their business. To help make doing business easier for her clients, she gives them access to strategic partnerships she has established for overall financial success. Referring clients to the financial section of their business plan or “road map” for success helps them create and maintain it. “There will always be detours and bumps in the road, but if you come back to the plan, you can get back on track.” She encourages other entrepreneurs to keep their focus.

• Keynote Speaker- William Berggren, Intellectual Property Attorney
Mr. Berggren’s expertise in intellectual property is supported by his work as an inventor, a patent liaison, a patent agent and a patent attorney. His professional experience has its roots in 3M Company, where he worked as a chemical engineer for twenty years after graduating from Cornell University with a Masters. The company’s practice of using patents extensively in support of its businesses led him from assignments in research, development and manufacturing to service as a patent liaison for a corporate process research group, where he spent an additional nine years. During his near thirty-year tenure at 3M, Mr. Berggren was an inventor on six patents and earned registry with the United States Patent and Trademark Office as a patent agent. In 1998, he began pursuing a law degree in order to gain insight into patent writing and the protection of other forms of intellectual property. He is currently licensed to practice law in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Florida.

Next Meeting Tuesday September 16th – Bringing Innovation to Life

Keynote Speaker: Peter Fritz

President, Society of Concurrent Product Development

Keynote Speaker: Peter Fritz President, Society of Concurrent Product Development

Keynote Speaker: Peter Fritz
President, Society of Concurrent Product Development

Learn how large companies scale up operations and manufacturing to integrate and commercialize new products & technologies!  The mission is to further the development of and to promote the application of Concurrent Engineering (CE) and Integrated Product Development (IPD) in companies and organizations worldwide by integrating strategy, people, process, tools & technology.

At 3M, Peter supports the development and design of novel technologies and solutions for a broad range of customers. He manages global resources for development of new manufacturing technologies for the six businesses comprising the Automotive Aftermarket Division. in his previous role, as Manufacturing Manager, Peter was responsible for a large portfolio of global vendors. He Directed and supported the efforts of development of new-to-the-world technologies by linking these efforts to manufacturing resources.

Our meetings take place on the third Tuesday of each month.


The 5:30 PM Networking and 6:00 PM Meeting are held at:

Eisenhower Community Center,
1001 Highway 7, Hopkins, MN 55403.

5:30-6:00 check in and networking
6:00-7:30 keynote speaker
7:30-8:30 networking and roundtable discussions with industry experts.


All of our activities support the advancement of economic activity and the well being of society. As a matter of policy, the Inventors’ Network does not endorse, qualify, or make any representations concerning the business practices of any member, speaker, visitor or guest of the Inventors’ Network.