Next Meeting Tuesday January 19, 2016

Start-Up Business Creation

Keynote Speakers:  Mark Krolak, William Berggren, John Girtz
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Do I need to create a business entity (LLC, C Corp…) if I am just an inventor looking to license my product/idea???  Is Insurance needed???  How do I handle business taxes???
In today’s intellectual property environment, startups and individuals can make and retain substantially more profits if they consider intellectual property issues early in the business decision-making process.
At this Inventors’ Network meeting:
Learn the legal, tax and insurance implications of creating a business entity and the liabilities of not creating a registered business.

Mark_KrolakKeynote Speaker- Mark Krolak,  Tax Expert
Mark Krolak is president of Master Your Money, a company committed to educating small business owners on how to use proven effective networking and tax-saving strategies essential to business growth. Through his accreditation as Director and Certified Instructor for Business Network International (BNI), Mark is highly skilled in making complex taxation issues easy to understand.
Also, as an Enrolled Agent as a Federally Licensed Tax Practitioner; Mark has unlimited Rights to represent taxpayers before the IRS.
With more than 18 years experience preparing taxes, Mark brings the expertise you need to answer any questions that may come up in the area of taxes; and recommend strategies so your business pays only the taxes the law requires.
97% of all Small Businesses overpay their taxes. Mark makes sure you don’t.

BillBerggren* Keynote Speaker- William Berggren, Intellectual Property Attorney
Mr. Berggren’s expertise in intellectual property is supported by his work as an inventor, a patent liaison, a patent agent and a patent attorney. His professional experience has its roots in 3M Company, where he worked as a chemical engineer for twenty years after graduating from Cornell University with a Masters. The company’s practice of using patents extensively in support of its businesses led him from assignments in research, development and manufacturing to service as a patent liaison for a corporate process research group, where he spent an additional nine years. During his near thirty-year tenure at 3M, Mr. Berggren was an inventor on six patents and earned registry with the United States Patent and Trademark Office as a patent agent. In 1998, he began pursuing a law degree in order to gain insight into patent writing and the protection of other forms of intellectual property. He is currently licensed to practice law in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Florida. As an engineer, Mr. Berggren was a named inventor on six patents. During his time as a patent liaison, he contributed to the formation of over 100 patent claim sets, authored parts of most of the sets’ applications, worked with inventors to identify commercially valuable patentable inventions, and both selected and prioritized protection efforts. As a result of his studies in law, he became acutely aware of the importance of integrating intellectual property issues with business decisions and authored six entire patents under the mentorship of 3M patent attorneys. Since becoming a patent attorney, Mr. Berggren has worked on a variety of projects, including filing trademark registration applications, executing the legal formation of both limited liability companies and nonprofit corporations, training business management and personnel to supervise and function as patent liaisons, respectively, advising companies on patent and trademark filing strategies, analyzing search results and writing patent applications, and writing the business manual“How to Maximize Profits: Strategic Considerations of IP Issues in Business Decisions.”

John-Girtz* Keynote Speaker- John Girtz, Licensed Insurance Agent
Owner/Agent: second-generation, family owned insurance agency – with Business Manager/Spouse Jacki. John is an experienced agent in Small, Medium and Family-Business insurance coverage, designed to reduce the risk and liability of owning/managing a business.
Areas of insurance coverage include: Property, Casualty, Liability, Health and Life.
Representing many providers, John specializes in matching each client with the best possible coverage to meet both business and personal needs.     

Keynote will be followed by our round table session where people can network with industry experts on subjects such as:

1. Free Patent Advice

2. License v. Manufacture

3. Industrial Design & Engineering

4. 3D Printing & other prototyping techniques

5. Marketing, Sales and Distribution

Members: Free

Visitors: $15 (Prepay online @ or cash/check at meeting)

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Our meetings take place on the third Tuesday of each month.

The 5:30 PM Networking and 6:00 PM Meeting are held at:

Eisenhower Community Center,
1001 Highway 7, Hopkins, MN 55403.

5:30-6:00 check in and networking
6:00-7:30 keynote speaker
7:30-8:30 networking and roundtable discussions with industry experts.


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